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Offering a range of ancient healing techniques from around the world, that are still practiced and relevant today. Including techniques originating from Egypt, China, Sweden, Greece and Japan.  Using 100% Australian natural therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils, with a wide range of properties.

Select your personal blend, breathe and enjoy a professional relaxation massage.

Mahayana massage aims to provide a holistic experience, engaging all senses to create a relaxing, spiritual healing treatment.

Mahayana Buddhists hope to become enlightened saints who delay nirvana so they can help others attain it.

They believe that enlightenment is attainable in a lifetime.

Maha means 'great' and Yana means 'vehicle' = Great Vehicle to Amazing Experience :))

The combination of techniques creates the most effective relaxation and healing experience. 


Relaxation Massage

Massage is the oldest form of healing. Using a variety of hands on techniques and aromatherapy oils you will be open to receive the many benefits that massage offers. Some of these include reduces stress and depression, relieves aching muscles, increases energy, circulatory and immune system, helps with insomnia. Trained in the style of Swedish massage. 

Nuru Massage

Nuru is a different but relaxing massage. Using weight with body to body techniques, including use of elbows an knees to achieve deeper pressure. It also assists to rebalance and energise the body's Chi. This is an optional addition to the back massage. Originating in Japan.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a unique variant of massage therapy that uses heated stones to release physical tension and calm the nervous system. The stones’ warmth and weight help the recipient focus more intently on the massage, and to be more receptive to its benefits. Helping to alleviating symptoms including muscular aches, back pain, arthritis and circulatory problems. Historically used by India, China, Native America and Greece.



Cupping significantly improves circulation and increases fresh blood flow to the treated area, where the cells get a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients. This allows lactic acid  and built up toxins to be released. 

This is also highly effective in muscle recovery. Originating in Egypt, Greece and China.

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